Artículo en inglés de Yieldplanet sobre 7 razones para contar con las OTAs en nuestra estrategia de distribución online.

En resumen los beneficios son:

  1. Aumento de ocupación
  2. Mayor exposición en diferentes mercados
  3. Innovación tecnológica
  4. Enfoque en el cliente
  5. Poder de marketing
  6. Reservas directas
  7. Paquetes dinámicos

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Much is being said about the challenge OTAs represent to hotels due to significant commissions and competition for online promotion and customer loyalty. But OTAs also do serve a useful role. They represent a significant revenue opportunity for hotels, especially for independent ones and for small properties.

Check out 7 benefits of having OTAs as part of your distribution strategy.

  1. Drive occupancy: by running sales with online travel agencies (OTA), hotels can see loads of exposure and fill their rooms. However, OTAs require a strategic balance with other channels of distribution. A hotel should not rely only on OTAs but using them to the extent of the hotel’s needs and depending on their individual market.
  2. Reach new guests and access to new markets: Thanks to its size and global scale, OTAs can help diversifying the hotel’s client base by reaching to new customers and new markets. OTAs have a worldwide reach of consumers that a hotel could only dream of.
  3. Technological innovation: OTAs are not just travel sites, they are tech companies who are at the forefront of technological innovation. Thanks to OTAs small and medium sized hotel properties can be present in the mobile channel and take advantage of the latest technological platforms.
  4. Data Driven and consumer focus: OTAs take decisions based on data and use their knowledge about each local market which results in higher conversion rates, and ultimately help hotels to drive bookings. They also have the ability to listen to clients and offer them what they want as their rate decisions are based on tests and validated by data on how consumers react to them.
  5. Marketing power: OTAs are real marketing powerhouses. They are among the largest spenders on online advertising and have the ability to send targeted emails to millions of subscribers. OTAs’ main sources of traffic are Paid search, including Google AdWords, meta-search engines, social media such as Facebook and affiliate sites, including global deals.
  6. Direct bookings: what many hotels seem to disregard is that OTAs generate a very significant level of direct bookings. In fact, exposure on OTAs can even increase direct bookings. There is some evidence that a significant percentage of travellers visit OTAs when researching accommodation options end up booking on brand websites after comparison. A study of Cornell University found that 62% of Intercontinental’s consumers visited Expedia before booking directly on Hotels Groups’ websites.
  7. Dynamic packaging: even if this benefit is just a small percentage of the OTA business, the fact is that they have the ability to package and market deals by combining, for example, a hotel with air, car rental or entertainment. Dynamic packaging is the ultimate response for undecided travellers.

Fuente: Yieldplanet

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