A continuación les presentamos algunos consejos para hacer que las fotos de su hotel vendan habitaciones entre las cuales encontramos:

  • Presentar en la web fotos de todos los tipos de habitaciones y en varios ángulos.
  • Incluir fotos del mercado objetivo
  • Mostrar fotos de detalles de la habitación: amenities, toallas, buffets…

El artículo a continuación ha sido proporcionado por el equipo de YieldPlanet en Polonia.


Tips to make your photos sell rooms

Good room photos give your bookings a leg up. Along with prices, images are the first thing visitors who book online look at. You should therefore make sure each room type offered through your booking engine is not only clearly described but also illustrated by several high quality photos of different parts of the room.

Check out our 6 easy tricks on how to use room images to your full advantage:

  • Get the most from your images: a good selection of attractive, high quality pictures will promote your hotel well;
  • Give your guests the full picture: take photos of the room, bathroom, and a couple other angles to provide guests with a more complete visualization;
  • Think beyond the room: for example, if you are offering a room facing the sea, it is advisable to showcase the pictures of both the room and the sea view;
  • Make them feel at home: include a picture with a stack of fluffy towels, nice toiletries and slippers;
  • Take them on a trip with your photos: make your potential guests imagine lounging on the bed with a glass of champagne or enjoying a bubble bath on the tube. Emotion is everything when it comes to selling;
  • Depict the target group of guests: especially when it comes to MICE, SPAs or hotels which organize weddings, you can add photos with people and let the guests identity themselves with the models an events on the pictures.

Remember that images play a key role in the decision to book. As we live in the age of visual culture, let the pictures do the talking!

Website photo gallery

The website photo gallery is the hotel’s visit card. Thus it should provide visitors with the first impression of the place where they’ll be staying and what is in there for them.

As such, make sure that your gallery includes photos of:

a) the property: its lobby, guest rooms, the restaurants and other amenities;
b) the area: hotel exterior, surroundings, views from the room(s) and eventually the local attractions;
c) the services: recreational areas, SPA, fitness centre, concierge, etc.

You can divide your photo gallery into tabs to better target your group of clients and enhance user experience. Each of the tabs will be a thematic photo album (e.g. Weddings, Golf, Scuba Diving, etc.). Put yourself in the shoes of potential guests and group photos according to the different audiences. What do they want to see? A group of friends on a diving getaway is probably not willing to look through wedding photos, nor a couple planning their honeymoon hoping to see few buddies swinging their gold clubs.

Once the photos are selected and grouped, you can also add a tag to your photos to improve your search engine ranking on Google!

Go Social


Have you already a gallery on your website? Great! You have the photos so now use them on social media too! Pin all on Pinterest, add them to the hotel Facebook page and use Instagram and user-generated photos to increase social media followings.

Whether you are a small property, independent hotel or part of a a larger chain it has never been so easy to grow your audience! And the best of all, it’s free!

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